Writer. Consultant. Visionary.

Photo by  Amanda Stosz

Photo by Amanda Stosz

Kristen (McCallum) Coley is a writer, founder, and dialogue-based curriculum & program development consultant.

Her work is created through a lens of equity, actionable inclusivity, non-performative access, and proactive visibility to support and empower marginalized communities. She designs, develops and produces sustainable & scalable workshops/programs/systems, centering supportive dialogue, for mission-aligned organizations & institutions to promote impactful collaborations and engagement.

While working as a visioning partner for her clients, she has also created original content & products. Her portfolio includes:
-The SafeWordSociety Podcast which has been selected for archiving at the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History at Atlanta-Fulton Public Library in June 2019.
-The Visibility Packs: a discussion-based card game designed to encourage productive discourse, that is in production for version 2 coming Fall 2019!
- A workshop/learning lab curriculum for youth & adults centering the ability to harness and amplify skills learned through lived experiences.

She was also awarded the 2018 Harvey Milk Alumnus Award from the University at Albany - SUNY for her continued commitment to honoring the authentic narratives of her communities.

She lives in Upstate, NY with her wife, Phylicia and betta fish, Sequel.

Kristen McCallum's Safeword Society Aims To Help People Have Better Conversations About Identity

As a queer woman of color, McCallum loved talking to her friends about important topics like misogyny, gender, and sexuality. The more chats they had, the more she realized the thoughts and ideas they exchanged were too important not to stretch beyond brunch talk.