“Kristen is a polymath—equally gifted as a leader, coach, creative, community organizer, and writer.”

- Geoffrey Jackson Scott | Co-Founder & Creative Director, Peoplmovr

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Kristen Coley, neé McCallum is an experienced social impact founder, consultant, speaker and writer. Committed to the empowerment of historically-minimized communities of color, Kristen uses a dialogue-based, values-led approach to curate experiences that intentionally highlight the nuances of lived experience. Kristen works with mission-aligned artists, organizations & institutions to design and develop sustainable & scalable workshops, programs, and systems that enhance lasting collaborations and authentic engagement. Kristen’s list of partners include the Obama Foundation, Peoplmovr, Brooklyn Nets, National Museum of African American History and Culture and Weeksville Heritage Center.


About Kristen

Hometown: Mount Vernon, NY


Speaking Engagements | Fall 2019

October 21st | The University At Albany - SUNY

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September 27th | Shine Bootcamp | Toronto, ON

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About SafeWordSociety

Formerly based in Brooklyn, NY.

As someone who knows that the best way to be a supportive and effective teacher is to always be looking to learn, Kristen compliments her considerable abilities and fierce work ethic with warmth, joyousness and humility. Simply a fantastic human being and essential colleague.

— Adam Moore | National Director, EEO & Diversity, SAG-AFTRA


From her Shondaland.com piece — “Going Home Queer For The Holidays” …

“For the longest time, I assumed the older and more successful I became, the less it would matter that my relationships were different from everybody else's... In the midst of my ascending grief and anxiety, I gave way to shame and self doubt, and ended up suppressing all of the self assurance practices that had kept me afloat.

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Interviews & Features

From GO Magazine interview - “Seven Minutes in Heaven”

“GO: Where do you go for inspiration when you’re feeling discouraged or depleted?

KM: Back to my work sometimes, it’s rejuvenating to see how far I’ve come because I’ve been through A LOT. “

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Kristen's streamlined process for planning and implementing programs made the experience of facilitating my first workshop one that was nearly effortless and quite enjoyable. Throughout the planning and execution of the workshop Kristen also served wonderfully as a mentor and motivator.

— Zakiya Collier | Digital Archivist, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture


Kristen McCallum has emerged as a voice for QTPOC community through her podcast Safe Word Society an archivist of experiences, the people and the culture. Through her intellect, presence and curiosity she navigates the stories of those underrepresented with deep respect and humility ultimately creating greater visibility.

She is a treasure to this community.

- Sontaia Briggs | Queer Faith Activist & Founder, yoUniversity